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  • Songwriter Cards
  • Songwriter Cards
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  • WHAT’S INSIDE Each box comes with a deck of 110 cards of 10 families: Style (genre), Structure, Harmony, Melody, Modes, Blues, Keyword (lyric writing prompts), Idea (inspirational ideas), Wisdom (songwriting acumen) and Gift Card (Surprise! ) providing creative tips to generate ideas for powerful, unforgettable songs.

  • Boost your confidence & shake up your ideas by playing around with harmonic & melodic possibilities, song structure, lyrics, tips and genres.

Perfect for brainstorming and experimenting, the Songwriter Cards provide comprehensive prompts and tips to stimulate the creation of amazing, original songs. How would a Neo Soul track with the lyric prompt 'reverie' sound in E Major, and just what chords work well together in that key? Pull a card from a specific family to trigger a single thought or idea, or take more than one from different families to create a songwriting brief. There are no rules, just millions of combinations available. So allow the cards to loosen up your cognitive inhibition and trigger original thought.

Who Are They For?

This handy deck is designed for all budding artists: from beginner singer-songwriters; to music students; up & coming indie bands with big dreams and anyone who wants to connect with their inner Ed Sheeran, Billie Eilish, or a favorite lyricist.

The deck also makes for an original & collectible gift. After all John Legend & John Lennon had to start somewhere, so you could be setting some young talent on an exciting path to one day writing for Beyoncé or headlining at Glastonbury!

Produced by professional musicians for music lovers, the Songwriter Cards creators have music academic backstories and have enjoyed commercial success.

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