The theory and songwriting teachers here love them! Congrats on a great product! ”

— Conor Doherty - Director of Music, The BRIT School

why cards?

Music composition is often a solo process but it doesn’t have to be isolating, collaboration is always helpful to stimulate energy and ideas. Produced by professional musicians, these cards are 'mini collaborators,' and are a great addition to a songwriting journal or book. They are designed to be used by individuals & groups as a means to trigger thought processes & ideas. 


Each box comes with a deck of 105 cards of 6 families: 

Style (genre)  
Harmony (chords)  
Keyword (lyric writing prompts)  
Idea (inspirational ideas)  
Wisdom (songwriting acumen)  
Gift Card (surprise!)

They provide helpful tips to stimulate inspiration to create powerful, unforgettable songs. 


These songwriting cards are a great addition to The Song In My Head - Songwriting Journal. In the vein of prompt cards or oracle cards, they assist and support the creative process of songwriting, and music composition. Pull a card from a specific family whenever you need inspiration, or choose one from each family to create a songwriting brief to make your own song. 


The cards are designed for songwriters and composers, musicians, kids, creatives, music students and music teachers, wordsmiths, and poets, or anyone who wants to know how to write a song and who is looking to connect with their inner John Legend, Adele, Max Martin, Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, John Lennon etc, or for those just seeking a gift for a musician in their lives. 

Printed by an FSC-certified company in England, the paper used for the Songwriter Cards comes from trees from well-managed forests.

the songwriter journal

Written by professionals in the music industry, this songwriter book alternates 120 pages of plain and music score paper for writing lyrics & music, with advice on song structure, harmony, guitar chords and creative tips.

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why a physical journal and not an app?

Because writing by hand forces the brain to slow down, which allows for deeper and expanded engagement with creative thoughts and ideas. 

Dimensions: Lightweight and the perfect size for carrying: 9.25 by 7.5 inches, the songwriter journal has 120 interior pages in total.

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