It’s not hard to feel creative and empowered when you are under the nurturing eye of the grande dame of creativity herself - Julia Cameron, she of the auspicious The Artist's Way, the book that has allegedly sold 4 million copies and unblocked the brains of the artistically stuck and the inhibited around the world. The book, as well as being a twelve week course to rediscover one's creative self, seems also to bring a sense of community to this scattered global tribe, artists who are often more used to working in isolation… and self doubt. 

So imagine being gathered with a group of such like-minded individuals under her tutelage for a weekend, cocooned in the beauty of London’s Regents Park and drinking in the encouragement that she radiated. There we unblocked our subconscious limiting beliefs through a series of playful ‘stream of consciousness’ exercises. These both exposed our deepest insecurities and unravelled them too as we shared revelations with our fellow classmates. There was laughter, a few impromptu tears and much joy. Strangers became friends. 

Her famous routine of ‘morning pages’ a three page, free-writing mind dump, both frees up operating space in the brain to make room for creative thought and excavates the intuitive whispers normally drowned out by our monkey minds. And it is this very concept that supports our reasoning for creating the Songwriter Journal as opposed to a digital app. Writing by hand you see, both slows the mind and unlocks intuition, which catalyses creative ideas.

So will you join our growing tribe of hand writing songwriters?

And as an added bonus for your brain, the Songwriter Journal emits no harmful EMFs. Save that exposure for your studio time!