Spark Joy

The Song In My Head Songwriter Journal Abbey at Road StudiosWe're evidently sparking both joy and clutter, (sorry Marie Kondo!) because we have birthed a songwriter journal which we hope will both take up space in your lives and bags, whilst also triggering your creative joy! 

Our journal popped up at Abbey Road Studios this weekend, which made us so happy! The street is so named because of the nearby presence of the long-gone Kilburn Priory... which segues us neatly to the Abbess Hildegard de Bingen, of no connection to that priory, but she was one of us... a songwriter! A prolific one.

And the journal was in good company there, because the famous zebra crossing at Abbey Road sparks both joy and clutter too, the delighted tourists doing their Beatles poses in the rain whilst blocking the flow of London traffic. Wonderful theatre!

Which is probably what the drivers were thinking too.