Getting on your Vagus nerve

People write autobiographies very young now. Footballers, we're looking at you. Then life experience accumulates with age and can get all soap opera-y in the process, but who has the attention span to read all that anymore?

However, there's always room for more music to be written, because music has therapeutic properties. Music stimulates the Vagus nerve that activates our parasympathetic system, which is our 'rest and digest' nervous system. It's a long and wandering nerve leading all the way down to the abdomen, and listening to music will trigger it. But it is also connected to our vocal chords and the muscles at the back of the throat, so even a hum or a gargle will stimulate it. Better still, full-blown singing will help increase your Vagal tone and then your body will be able to relax much more quickly after stress.

So singing blue football chants is good for you! As is gargling.